Negotiation Skills – Importance & Techniques

Negotiation is an important tool, that all of us use at different times, at different phase of our life, to achieve different goals. The first time probably we negotiated in our life, when as a child we kept shouting for mother’s milk. The negotiations are typically tagged with a price, which may or not be expressed in monetary term. For example a marital negotiation has a typical price line of social status, whereas a negotiation in the job interview the price line is clearly money. There can be more than one one price line also, provided there are different areas involved in the negotiation. For example in a union-management negotiation apart form salary, there can be price lines involving working conditions and industrial relations.

To negotiate effectively one must do a proper hoe work on the self strength and weaknesses vis-a-vis the strength and weaknesses of the other side. In the negotiation table, it will all depend upon how one can keep up with the nerve. Thus, it is very important to know the bottom-line of the price where the negotiator can settle. The body language is also extremely important in negotiation.
The price may be social recognition, peer recognition and many others. A negotiation may take place either on 1 to 1 or may involve more than two parties.

It all depends on how well one has prepared about the background and strength areas of the other side. It is also important to know the dynamics of the power game.
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Debt Negotiation or Debt Consolidation?

Debt negotiation and consolidation are choices available to anyone who requires debt assistance. If your bills have grown out of your control, should you utilize debt consolidation? Debt negotiation? One of these may abolish your debt and credit problems if chosen carefully.

Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation is often called debt settlement. This is given to those who can’t keep up with a debt consolidation program. In the event that you don’t feel you can meet the minimum payments of a consolidation plan, a debt negotiation program is the best alternative to reducing debt and credit problems.

One appeal of debt negotiation programs is that you’ll be able to stop making payments to your creditors. The debt negotiation company will take monthly payments from you and store them in an account.

While you’re making monthly payments to the debt negotiation company, they negotiate with the creditors for a lower pay rate of as little as 40% of the total debt. When the settlement is reached with your creditors, the company makes a one-time payment.

The drawback here is that debt negotiation programs will lower your credit score for as long as you’re enrolled in the program. Most negotiation companies obligate the creditor to compile a credit report noting that the debt was fully paid so as not to appear as a negative credit mark after the account is settled.

Certain debt negotiation companies even include a credit repair service that will remove the harmful marks left by the program. This is a service which is usually included.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation grants custom debt repayment plans with most credit card and collection companies. When applying to a debt consolidation company, you’re proposed a lower average monthly payment, and this is built on an even lower interest rate accepted by the creditor.

Your new payment will be better than what your credit card companies allow, saving you money every month. This is usually the ideal way to consolidate debt.

An obvious attraction of a debt consolidation payment plan is that it’ll prevent you from being harassed by creditors as long as you continue to make the new payments on schedule.

However, the drawback of the plan is cancelling all credit cards included in the plan.

Also, you’ll be charged your first payment for the program and an extra monthly administration fee. Fees vary between flat rates of ten to fifty dollars, while others will charge a simple five dollar fee for each creditor. This amounts to about thirty dollars a month that isn’t going directly to paying off debt.

A debt consolidation program will aid you if you suffer from lofty interest rates or loftier credit card bills than you can overcome. It’s usually more convenient for everyone to make a single payment for all bills.

How to Start a Home Business Online and Make Money on the Internet

Everyone dreams about leaving the daily grind and their nine to five jobs behind in favor of a home bases online business. You may be one of the many who is thinking about this day in and day out, but the problem lies in knowing how to get started. Before you can have a successful online business you do in fact have to start one and knowing the process of doing so will help you realize your eventual dream of being self-employed.

There are number of steps that should be taken in order to start your home business online. Here are some steps you will need to complete in order to get your business rolling:

1. Decide what you want to do: How do you propose to make a living online? While there are many avenues that you can take you must first decide what you will do in order to know where to go. For example, if you decide you are going to start a business selling items online you need to decide whether or not you will have a website to sell your items, sell on eBay, or do a combination of both. But again, you need to first determine your plan for a business.

2. Decide to incorporate or not: Depending on the business you set up you may want to incorporate as a C Corp or an S Corp. Then again you may want to stay as a sole proprietor. Whatever you decide, you do have to pick something. The best thing to do when making this decision is to make an appointment with your accountant and have them explain to you the pros and cons for each in regards to the business you are planning on opening up online.

3. Find out about licensing: With whatever business you decide to do online you will more than likely at least need to obtain an occupational license. Furthermore you may have to get licenses specific to your state or even your county and city. There may even be additional licenses that are required by the industry in which you will be participating in accordance to the law. The point is you need to find out what licenses you will have to obtain in order to do legitimate business online.

4. Promote Yourself: The last step in staring your home business online is to promote yourself and let it be known by all that you are coming out of the gates with thunder. It isn’t enough to just have a plan, but you also need to let others know that you are out there and let them know exactly what it is that you will have to offer them.

While working for yourself is probably the most rewarding job of all, if not started properly you can be in for a big disappointment. By taking the appropriate steps to start the business off the right way you too can be up and running with a home business conducted online that will allow you to leave the rat race far in your rear view mirror.