Presentation Skills – You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Have An Impact!

Are you worried about giving the perfect speech? Does the thought of having a minor typo on your Power Point slides or saying, “Uhm” once or twice, terrify you?

Don’t worry. You do not have to be perfect from a “speech contest” point of view, in order to make a positive impact on most audiences. Instead, think about the best speakers you have seen. What impresses you about them?

Usually, the best speakers are passionate and care deeply about their message. They may not be technically perfect in their delivery. But, it does not matter. Their passion and connection to the audience makes the difference.

Focus on your message, not your mechanics:

I have studied presentation skills for the past 20 years. I have learned dozens of great techniques. But, I got trapped into trying to be “technically perfect.” I worried about using the perfect gesture or Power Point slide rather than focusing on my message. I became too mechanical. I looked wooden on stage.

I needed to focus on my “message”, not my “mechanics.” Once I started focusing on my audience members, I was more passionate and had greater impact.

Your message is what counts:

Your message is more important than being technically proficient from a “speech contest” viewpoint. What is your message? Why is it important for your audience to hear it? Why are you the best one to deliver this message? Once you answer these questions, your passion will shine through to your audience.

Make a connection with your audience:

One of the most important skills I teach in my “Delivering Persuasive Presentations” seminar is how to connect with an audience. Your passion shows in your eye contact, voice and body language.

Don’t read from a script. Instead, talk to your audience. Don’t hide behind a podium. Instead, step in front of the podium and connect with your listeners. The more passion you show, the more you will connect with your audience.

Go to as many training courses as possible. Learn new skills. Practice your techniques ahead of time so they become second nature to you. Then in front of a group, deliver your message with passion!

Remember, “You don’t have to be perfect to have an impact!”

© 2008 Reflective Keynotes Inc., Toronto, Canada