How To Present Your Business Online

If you’ve been dreading online presenting but everyone is telling you, “You must do it!” there is hope. Use these 5-fast steps to feel confident and comfortable in online presentations.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professional service professionals are searching for new skills. They know that online presenting is a must to promote their business. Getting found online is essential to survive in today’s market.

But what if you’re crazy busy running your business and don’t have time for presentation skills training? Fortunately, now it’s easy and fast to learn new skills to get ahead.

Use this 5-step plan to get confident, and get going. In minutes, you’ll discover how to present your business to your target buyers.

Step 1. Identify Your Story
No matter how long or how short you’ve been in business, you must identify your story. What is it that makes you unique? Why are you uniquely positioned to serve your customers? Why should prospects choose you over all others?

If you’ve been in business for decades, give yourself permission to start fresh. Imagine that you are starting from scratch. Do you love the name of your firm? Are you thrilled with your logo? Are you certain your brand matches the target buyers you want to attract? By taking a fresh look at your business, you’ll discover new keys for telling a successful story.

If you’re just starting out, look around. Discover who your competition is. What can you learn from them? What are they doing that you should emulate? What are they doing that you should avoid? You have fresh eyes to see opportunity. Jump on it and build your story on your energetic enthusiasm.

Step 2. Simplify With Pictures
Your customers and prospects all share one thing in common. They are suffering from information overload. If you want to appeal to busy buyers of your products and services do this: Simplify.

The fastest way to share your message and value is with a picture. Show the value you provide. Sketch it out at a whiteboard. Show it in a diagram. Prepare a one-pager chart to hand out. Repeat this graphic online as an instant download.

Make your business, products and services easy for anyone to understand. The more you do this, the faster you can expect people will want to work with you.

Step 3. Create Irresistible Information
A lot of business owners make a mistake of thinking that their products and services are the most important thing to present to clients. It’s true, right?


As much as you’re excited and on fire about the value of what you offer, take a step further. Look at the big problems and worries facing your clients. Provide valuable information about specific issues and share this with prospects and clients.

The result? They will find your educational offerings irresistible. And they are likely to share it with others. Make this easy and simple for people to do. This is where you can use all the social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to share the value of your business.

Step 4. Learn Visual Storytelling
With these steps in place, it’s time to learn real-world skills of interactive visual storytelling. Make certain you can pick up a marker and show your business value on the spot. Oops…can’t draw? Don’t worry. In a short targeted online presentation training, you’ll learn how to map out information in pictures and words. Everyone will think you’ve gone to art school.

Hint: it’s not the beauty of your visuals. It’s the interaction that takes place while you’re showing your story to clients and prospects.

Step 5. Train Your Staff
When people come in contact with your business, who do they meet? They may meet your office manager, staff and sales reps before they meet you. That’s why it is essential to train your staff.

Prepare them with the skills to present the distinct value of your business in a lively engaging way. Arm them with tools, skills training and practice so they are confident and conversant.

By training your staff, you’re preparing the foundation for tremendous success.

If growing your business is important to you, take these steps today. The faster you start building your presentation skills, the faster you’ll attract target buyers online.